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Code of Conduct


Raynham Youth Soccer is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all eligible players who wish to participate in our programs. The Board and coaches believe in maintaining the highest level of sportsmanship and fair play. We strive to help each player develop his/her individual skills to the maximum of his/her ability. We accept and appreciate what each player can contribute to the team. We recognize that each player is unique and we will ensure that each team member is treated with respect.

All persons who participate in or assist with Raynham Youth Soccer activities are expected to uphold the following standards of conduct:

1. Coaches must set the highest standards of behavior and must control their teams at all times.

2. Coaches and parents should encourage and reinforce respectful behavior, and discourage any inappropriate behavior.

3. Coaches and parents should encourage and reinforce safe behavior and play, and address any unsafe actions.

4. No profanity or other inappropriate conduct may be displayed at any time. Coaches must address any inappropriate conduct displayed by parents or other spectators.

5. Coaches, players, parents, and spectators must abide by Raynham Youth Soccer’s Zero Tolerance Policy. Coaches, players, and spectators must respect and support the referees. Remember that most calls are judgment calls and most referees are learning. When making a call, the referee may not always be right, but he/she is never wrong. It is the coaches’ responsibility to protect the referee from any abuse from players and spectators.

6. Coaches may suspend a player from the next scheduled game for any inappropriate conduct. All such actions must be reported to the respective Division Director the same day.

7. Coaches may coach from the sidelines only, with no more than two coaches on the sidelines at any time (U10 and above). Parents and spectators are not to coach from the sidelines.

8. Coaches, players, and spectators must ensure that the field, sidelines, and other areas are clean after each use.

Everyone involved in Raynham Youth Soccer is responsible for ensuring adherence to the provisions of this Code of Conduct. The Board of Directors will take any necessary actions to address violations of this Code, up to and including banning participation in future Raynham Youth Soccer activities.