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Mandatory CORI Check

Ensuring the safety of each child participating in our program is of the utmost importance; the CORI background check process is a critical component. In order to be involved with the league every coach and volunteer must have a valid CORI background check performed via the Raynham Youth Soccer Club.   CORI checks performed through the school or other organizations do not apply to the Raynham Youth Soccer club. Our CORI checks are facilitated through the Mass Youth Soccer program.

In order to submit a CORI background check please complete the Adult Registration. You can access this from the Mass Youth Soccer link below:

Link to on-line CORI Check

Once you have submitted the form send an email to Helene Moreira, she will work with Massachusetts Youth Soccer to ensure you successfully submitted the information. She will also obtain a copy of your driver’s license as a means of verifying your identity.


Thank you to all our volunteers!

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The 2022-2023 Raynham Youth Soccer Board is compromised of parents, coaches and Raynham residents, all volunteering their time to keep RYS true to its mission. If you are interested in helping the board, please feel free to email one of the board members or attend a monthly meeting. Meetings will be held virtually, the third Tuesday of each month. Thank you.