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What is the Volunteer Opt Out fee?

RYS like most recreational based organizations, is an all-volunteer effort. Nothing happens without volunteers and if more of us can help out, we’ll create a better experince for our children. We will be instituting a volunteer opt out fee per family as a part of the registration process. Like other sports programs in Raynham, you can opt out of volunteering by paying a $75 fee at registration. If you don’t pay the fee, you’ll be contacted to help run the concession stand and do other activities that need to be done to have a successful program.

A fully staffed shift is important to the other volunteers, members and visitors to our complex. RYS appreciates your support and asks that you make every effort to work your shift or find a replacement. Volunteers must be 14 years of age or older. If you or your replacement do not show up for your scheduled shift, you will be held responsible for your original shift as well as another shift. There will be a sign-up sheet available shortly. If you do not fulfill your obligation by the end of the season you will be billed a total of $50 Opt Out Fee and your son/daughter will not be able to play until the fee is paid next season.

When does the fall season start and how long does it run? When do games and practices take place?

In our fall in-town league, teams generally are formed in early August, then coaches begin practices later in the month. Practices can be on any day, depending on the coach. There is usually one practice a week, but that also depends on the coach. Games begin on Opening Day and go through the end of October. Generally it’s one or two games per week, depending on the division.

Why is the deadline so early to sign up for Fall and Spring seasons?
The deadlines are so early due to all the paperwork and uniforms that need to be completed for each season. Our travel leagues are managed by South Shore Soccer and they require rosters very early for our teams.
Does a player have to have experience on an in-town team in order to participate on a travel team?
Participation on an in-town team is not a requirement for play on a travel team.
Does a player have to have played in the fall in order to participate in the spring?
Participation in the fall is not a requirement for play in the spring. However, keep in mind, travel teams are more competitive and every player may not be selected for a spot on a travel team. Experience and skills are important factors considered when selecting players for travel teams.
Is Raynham Youth Soccer in charge of team's for Dome soccer?
RYS coaches often put in teams for Dome soccer but this is done with no affiliation with RYS. Dome soccer teams are not insured by RYS.
How/when do I sign up for a travel team?
Dates for registration and tryouts for travel teams for both the fall and spring seasons will be posted on the website and at the Snack Shack. Spring travel try outs are usually held in mid to late October so that teams may be formed in time for the South Shore Soccer deadlines.
Why is there a difference in cost between the in-town and travel programs?
Our travel program falls under the ospices of South Shore Soccer and thus we have to pay them a per team fee as well to cover the administrative costs incurred by South Shore Soccer.
My daughter will be going into 3rd grade in the fall, and will be on the U10 team according to her birthday, she has not had any soccer experience. Will she be at a disadvantage due to her lack of skills? Should we sign up for another program first?
We have kids at all playing levels in our fall program. I feel pretty sure that your daughter will do just fine. If you’d like to talk some more about it, you can contact the director for her division. (Contact info is available on the website.)
Does RYS have a program for kids under 5 years old?
The SoccerPups program is an introduction to soccer for kids in kindergarten. Sessions are on Saturday mornings.
How do I register for Raynham Youth Soccer?
We are using Sports Pilot now to handle our registrations and we hope this will make things easier in the future for both the families and for RYS. It will allow us to email reminders when registrations are being held as well as for events throughout the year. We will also accept mail in registrations but Sports Pilot will be our preferred method of registering for RYS.
I am having trouble paying with my credit card at Sports Pilot.

If you are having any issues paying by credit card with Sports Pilot please complete the online registration with Sports Pilot and pay by check. You can then mail the check to:

Raynham Youth Soccer
P.O. Box 526
Raynham, MA 02768

Please include the family name and full names of the players that the check is for.

What about the Late Fee?
Unless otherwise noted late fees are due after the registration deadline for all RYS leagues (Spring and Fall travel as well as in town). The late fee covers expenses incurred due to last minute uniform purchases as well as the need to reissue team rosters and other paperwork.

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The 2022-2023 Raynham Youth Soccer Board is compromised of parents, coaches and Raynham residents, all volunteering their time to keep RYS true to its mission. If you are interested in helping the board, please feel free to email one of the board members or attend a monthly meeting. Meetings will be held virtually, the third Tuesday of each month. Thank you.