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Mission Statement

It is the purpose of Raynham Youth Soccer to foster, promote, and advance the cause of soccer within the territory under our jurisdiction, and to guard the interests of the teams that we form.

Raynham Youth Soccer is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all eligible players who wish to play soccer in our programs. We accept and appreciate what each player can contribute. We recognize that each player is unique and we will ensure that each team member is treated with respect.

Raynham Youth Soccer is committed to player and coach development, and considers this a priority over all other interests. All activities that we organize or sponsor will be first and foremost geared toward developing individual and team skills. We strive to help each player develop his/her individual skills to the maximum of his/her ability.

Raynham Youth Soccer maintains strict standards of conduct for players and coaches. Our Board of Directors and coaches believe in maintaining the highest level of sportsmanship and fair play. All persons who accept the responsibility of assisting with any or our activities are expected to support our mission and uphold our established standards of conduct.

Raynham Youth Soccer is a member of the United States Soccer Federation, Massachusetts Youth Soccer, and the South Shore Soccer League, and pledges to abide by their established standards.

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The 2022-2023 Raynham Youth Soccer Board is compromised of parents, coaches and Raynham residents, all volunteering their time to keep RYS true to its mission. If you are interested in helping the board, please feel free to email one of the board members or attend a monthly meeting. Meetings will be held virtually, the third Tuesday of each month. Thank you.