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A Family Account must be created to register for sports. This account can consist of multiple parents and children.

Write down the login ID and password for future use.

  1. Click on the Registration button below.
  2. Click ‘Add a New Family’ if you do not have a family account OR type your username and password if you do have an account.
    Note: Click Forgot username and password if you need them emailed to you.
  3. Type the name of the primary parent/guardian on the account then add additional parents.
  4. Click ‘Add Child’ and type the children’s names.
    Note: Once all parents and children are listed on the family account, then registration can begin for any open sport.
  5. Click ‘Register as a Player’ next to the child’s name
  6. Repeat step 5 for each child before submitting payment.
  7. Click the Checkout button at the bottom of the Family Account page.
    Type the credit card information and click Submit.
    *You will also be notified of your username and password on the screen after the transaction is submitted. A receipt is sent to your email address.
    *Do not select submit twice or you might be double-charged.
  8. Go back to your family account or exit the screen.